Healthy Eating



Gut Health

Eating foods that support healthy digestion is crucial for your overall health! We'll work together to incorporate a diverse range of foods that give you more energy, improve the state of your gut health, and make you feel good overall.

Mental Health

The choices we make around food and our mental health are intertwined. On one hand, certain foods can have a negative impact on your mood and energy. On the other hand, negative self-talk can result in less than optimal choices around food. Together we'll unpack these stressors and work on tools like meditation so you can make the biggest changes to your health.

Physical Health

A few minutes of movement every day is proven to have an impact on mental and cardio vascular health. Whether you love exercise or not, we'll find fun and enjoyable ways to integrate more movement into your life and get those endorphins flowing!

Environmental Health

The stuff we put on our body such as make up or body lotion also have an impact on our overall health. Many common household products include endocrine disruptors that can negatively impact your hormones. We'll work together to swap our everyday products so you can trust that you are keeping you and your family safe.